List of Upcoming Author Events in July and August 2020 [Updated June 29, 2020]

Find below the list of upcoming author events that are scheduled to happen in July and August 2020:

Lane Moore “How to Be Alone” Twitch Live Event:

Tune in nightly to get tips on coping with loneliness and isolation. Author Lane Moore will be singing songs and playing games. It’ll be like Pee-wee’s Playhouse for lonely adults. View more details.

Mary Alice Monroe, Mary Kay Andrews, Patti Callahan Henry, Kristin Harmel, and Kristy Woodson Harvey: A Virtual Adventure

Mary Kay Andrews joins authors Mary Alice Monroe, Patti Callahan Henry, Kristin Harmel, and Kristy Woodson Harvey for a Facebook Live Happy Hour event. View details.

Tony DiTerlizzi “Facebook Live Drawing”:

Watch children’s author Tony DiTerlizzi as he explains how he creates his famous characters and draws them LIVE. View more details.

Jason Reynolds “Write. Right. Rite.” Video Series:

National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jason Reynolds offers weekly creative challenges in his “Write. Right. Rite.” video series in partnership with the Library of Congress. View more details.

Sara Auster’s Instagram Live on “Weekly Sound Bath”:

Join Sara Auster for weekly sound bath therapy/meditation sessions to cope with social distancing. View more details.

Mollie Ann Holt “A Month of Happiness” Book Signing:

Mollie Ann Holt is signing copies of “A Month of Happiness with Ms. Mollie: Healthy Recipes for 31 Days of Daily Living” in CA. View more details.

History in Five “Facebook Live”:

Hear from the best history writers about past and present events. View more details.

Jennifer Weiner Facebook Live “Backlist Book Club”:

Bestselling author Jennifer Weiner (Mrs. Everything) hosts her own book club. View more details.

Megan Miranda “The Girl from Widow Hills” Author Talk:

Megan Miranda talks on “The Girl from Widow Hills.” View more details.

Jennifer Weiner “Big Summer” Author Talk:

Books & Books presents an author talk with New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner. View more details.

Rachel Beanland “Florence Adler Swims Forever” Author Talk:

JBC Authors at the Table: The Jew­ish Book Coun­cil sits down with Rachel Beanland for a quick 30-minute chat to learn about her lat­est work, “Florence Adler Swims Forever.” View more details.

Cara Wall “Dearly Beloved” Author Talk:

Cara Wall talks on “Dearly Beloved.” View more details.

Katherine Alford “Rage Baking” Author Talk:

Katherine Alford talks on “Rage Baking.” View more details.

Stephen Graham Jones “The Only Good Indians” Author Talk:

Stephen Graham Jones will discuss “The Only Good Indians.” View more details.

Kristin Harmel “The Book of Lost Names” Author Talk:

Kristin Harmel will discuss on “The Book of Lost Names.” View more details.

Stephen Graham Jones In Conversation with Victor LaValle:

Stephen Graham Jones will have a chat with Victor LaValle. View more details.

Kirkland Hamill “Filthy Beasts” Author Talk:

Kirkland Hamill will discuss “Filthy Beasts.” View more details.

Ariana Neumann: JCC Book Discussion:

Ariana Neumann will be available for a book discussion. View more details.

Brad Thor “Near Dark” Author Talk:

Brad Thor will discuss “Near Dark.” View more details.

Caitlin Mullen “Please See Us” Author Talk:

Caitlin Mullen will talk on “Please See Us.” View more details.

Senator Joni Ernst “#IWFReads” Book Club:

Join the July #IWFReads Book Club. We’ll be reading Senator Joni Ernst’s brand-new book, “Daughter of the Heartland: My Ode to the Country that Raised Me.” View more details.

David Stebenne “Promised Land” Author Talk:

David Stebenne discusses “Promised Land” with Mike Curtin. View more details.

Tricia Elam Walker and April Harrison Virtual Event:

Tricia Elam Walker and April Harrison discusses “Nana Akua Goes to School.” View more details.

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. and Cornel R. West Virtual Event:

Eddie Glaude and Cornel West discuss the enduring legacy of James Baldwin and lessons from his work for confronting racism today. View more details.

Anna Solomon “The Book of V.” Virtual Event:

Anna Solomon discusses “The Book of V.” with Marcie Tennen. View more details.

Jenny Elder Moke “HOOD” Virtual Event:

Jenny Elder Moke discusses “HOOD.” View more details.

Amy Silverman and Deborah Sussman Virtual Workshop:

Amy Silverman and Deborah Sussman present a virtual, summer edition of their long-running workshop: “Mothers Who Write: The Summer Camp Edition.” View more details.

Tampa Indie Author Book Convention:

The Tampa Indie Author Book Convention is scheduled to happen in July. View more details.

2nd Annual Queens Book Fair:

2nd Annual Queens Book Fair is scheduled for July. View more details.

Making Space with “Christian Robinson”:

Author/illustrator Christian Robinson hosts a YouTube video series, inviting viewers young and old to join in create something together. “Let’s make space for fun, make space for creativity, and make space together.” View more details.

Riveted by Simon Teen: Game Night on Instagram:

Featuring activity assets you can do alone or in a group. View more details.

Gallery Books: Motivational Mondays Pep Talks on Instagram:

Gallery Books presents Motivational Mondays Author Pep Talks on Instagram. This is a recurring event. View more details.

Simon Teen “Virtual Book Club”:

Vote on the virtual book club pick from among the Riveted by Simon Teen Free Read program. Each pick will have an Instagram Live book club discussion. View more details.

Aaron Reynolds: YouTube Live Show:

Bestselling picture book author Aaron Reynolds posts Q&A, activities and how-tos, and read-aloud videos on his YouTube Channel. View more details.

Blake Hazard “The Great Gatsby” Author Talk:

Blake Hazard, great-granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Aimee Mann discusses the new graphic novel adaptation of the classic. View more details.

Helena Dea Bala “Craigslist Confessional” Author Talk:

Join for the virtual book launch of Helena Dea Bala’s “Craigslist Confessional: A Collection of Secrets from Anonymous Strangers.” View more details.

Tana Wojczuk “Lady Romeo” Author Talk:

Tana Wojczuk presents “Lady Romeo,” in conversation with Amy Brady. View more details.

Kathy Reichs “A Conspiracy of Bones” Author Talk:

Novelist Karin Slaughter discusses “A Conspiracy of Bones” with Kathy Reichs. View more details.

Senator Joni Ernst In Conversation with Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Senator Joni Ernst will discuss “Daughter of the Heartland” with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. View more details.

Una McCormack, Kirsten Beyer, Swapna Krishna, and Kendra James: All the Starfleet Ladies:

Join Star Trek tie-in authors, superfans from the SFF lit world, and other members of the Star Trek franchise as they examine the ladies of Star Trek from its inception to the present. View more details.

Una McCormack, Stephen Graham Jones, and David Mack: A Literary Retrospective:

Take a deep dive into Picard’s bookshelf with Star Trek superfans in the SFF world, Star Trek tie-in authors and other Star Trek aficionados from the franchise. View more details.

Senator Joni Ernst “Network for Enlightened Women” Virtual Book Club:

Senator Joni Ernst will discuss on her book “Daughter of the Heartland” with with president of NEW, Karin Lips, followed by audience Q&A. View more details.


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