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“I wanted to add a comment.. Last week I got an e-mail that they heard there might be tickets on sale for The Three Kings in Washington DC. (Stephen King & Family). I click on the link and before I knew it I had the tickets to an event that has been sold out. It was all because of [Book Signing Central] that my family and I have the chance of a lifetime to see Stephen King and we will be able to meet him and have him sign a book for us. Thank you from our family… Keep posting things for us all. How great is life to have someone like this in our lives.”
Allen J. Michigan

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Derecka Purnell “Becoming Abolitionists” Book Discussion


Derecka Purnell presents “Becoming Abolitionists.” BOOK DISCUSSION DETAILS [In Conversation with Lisa Snowden] RED EMMA’S 3128 GREENMOUNT AVE BALTIMORE, MD 21218-3417 USA RSVP Here: About the Author: Derecka Purnell is a human rights lawyer, [read more]