Doris Washington “This Day Today” Book Signing in MA

Doris Washington will be signing copies “This Day Today” in MA this month.


Friday March 30, 2018 5:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
1 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA 01701

About the Author:

Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, poet, and disability advocate who resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and son John. Doris takes the inspiration from her poetry from an unfortunate incident involving her son with Autism and two police officers in December 1993. This incident impacted her life greatly and Doris was empowered to advocate for a statewide training program for police officers to be aware of and recognize persons with special needs. Through this period of Doris’ life, her writing began. She has written over 450 poems of spirituality, her closeness with God, autism awareness, inspirations, social issues and greetings. She is the author of the book A Blessing, Caring & Sharing and entrepreneur of DORIS’POEMS. She does readings at nursing homes, residential home facilities and the community. Her poems continue to inspire many. Her desire hopes is that her poetry will be an inspiration for the world.

About the Book:

This Day Today is a book of poems that touch the heart with hope, faith, inspiration, and love.

Each poem inspires you to live each day full of promise and to always find the joy in every moment of life. The author shares her thoughts about holding on to hope that is so expressed in the poem “As a Flower Blooms,” “Hope Lives,” and in the poem “Beyond the Sunset.”

The author shares how we can find love through hope each day for even brighter tomorrows. And as a mother of a son who has autism, the author dedicates two poems for autism awareness—“The Child That Plays Alone” and “Could You Sing a Song for Them?” In the poems “Beyond the Clouds” and “Direction,” the author expresses the most positive life is a blessed life. With the author’s poems of hope, inspiration, and love, you will find that This Day Today is a true gift that encourages and inspires us to find the joy in truly living life more fulfilled.

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