Patti Smith “M Train” Book Signing


Patti Smith, singer/songwriter/poet, will be signing the copies of “M Train” at the following location. BOOK SIGNING DETAILS 11/12/15 8:00 PM The Variety Playhouse Euclid Avenue NE. Atlanta, GA. About the Author: PATTI SMITH is a [read more]

Terrance Dean, Book Signing Tour “Mogul”


Founder of Men’s Empowerment Inc., Terrance Dean, has written his debut novel “Mogul” and he’ll be touring several US cities signing copies and giving readings. Check out these signed first editions of Dean’s “Mogul” and [read more]

Alison Noel, Book Signing “Everlasting”


Author of the Immortal series, Alyson Noel will be signing copies of the sixth and last installment of the Immortal series, titled “Everlasting.” Noel is the award-winning author of “Evermore,” “Blue Moon,” “Shadowland,” “Dark Flame,” [read more]