RJ Edelen “Queens In The Making” Author Event

Join in an author event with RJ Edelen for “Queens In The Making.”


Saturday, July 6th at 2:00p
Aurora Place
10730 East Bethany Drive, Suite 275
Aurora, CO 80014

About the Author:

Reda has spent most of her life writing, a gift she gives all glory and honor to God for. Though it would be years to her realizing the dream of being an author.

She enjoys inspiring others to strive, pursue and become all that God has divinely designed them to be. That is, after all, why we are all here. She believes that every one of us possesses unique talents and gifts that are waiting to be discovered and used for God’s glory.

She is humble, trustworthy, and faithful. With a servant’s heart, she lives to see the success of people she is fortunate to meet. She longs to see God’s sons and daughters use their gifts, take their proper places in the Kingdom, and carry out the callings He has put inside them.

At her core, Reda’s deepest desire is to see God’s splendor on earth.

A native of Colorado, she is joyfully married, and has two wonderful sons.

About the Book:

Have you ever thought, “Why am I here?” “What is my life’s purpose?”

Many of us wonder who we are and what we are meant to do. Sometimes we simply inquire and are satisfied to leave the question unanswered. But it doesn’t have to remain unanswered.

There are keys to finding who you are created to be and what you are divinely designed to do. Forgiveness, wisdom and prayer are among them.

An oyster takes years to produce a single, stunning, lustrous, distinctive and one-of-a-kind pearl. Discovering who you are is not a sprint; there is no fairy who can wave their magic wand to help you accomplish this shift.

Let’s go on a journey. A path that leads you to become the QUEEN God desires you to be!

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