Suzanne Blankenship “How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles” Signing

Suzanne Blankenship will sign copies of “How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles” in CO next month.


Saturday February 01, 2020 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
9370 Sheridan Blvd
Westminster, CO 80030

About the Author:

Suzanne’s experience with eldercare came the hard way – by doing it.

Suzanne is in the second decade of eldercare with an aging parent and in-laws. She understands that eldercare can be overwhelming, frustrating and stressful. She knows you need the relief of practical tips – but that a good laugh helps too.

Suzanne uses her business background and her on-the-ground experience to deliver a unique organized approach to the stressful scenarios in eldercare. Her guidance doesn’t come in dry, boring prose; it comes wrapped in tongue-in-cheek humor, making it easier to read and remember. She guides you toward actionable steps and away from the shoot-from-the-hip responses in eldercare that can heap on the stress but not help solve the problem at hand.

Suzanne has spent her 20-year corporate career in marketing and customer service, leading and training teams at The Coca-Cola Company, Bueno Foods, and Ogilvy & Mather as well as her own consulting firm, Parkin & Blankenship.

Suzanne has used her background in business and customer service to develop tools, identify resources, and show how effective advocacy can make a difference in eldercare. She brings some sanity to an otherwise randomly arriving responsibility.

From Texas originally, Suzanne now calls Colorado home. She believes in advocacy, the importance of family, and the need for balance in life. Humor is her favorite resource.

Suzanne writes a weekly blog on her website as The Eldercare Navigator. Sign up to receive her emails, tips and blog at

Connect with Suzanne on Facebook Suzanne Blankenship Author, on Pinterest – Suzanne Blankenship, or on Twitter @suzblankenship.

About the Book:

How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles is a practical guide to eldercare that you can read in one night, leaving you with a smile on your face and an organized plan in your toolbox. Chock full of helpful tips, useful guidance and great resources – perfect for anyone responsible for the care of an aging parent, in-law, friend or relative. It makes a great gift too.

Topics include: financial planning for the elderly, getting legal docs in order, buying long-term care insurance, selecting the right housing options, hospice, Medicare, downsizing the treasures; and much more.

Why wait for the next elder emergency? This book prepares you BEFORE the next emergency. You’ll have tools and tips to implement immediately that lighten your load and bring some relief to your journey.

Suzanne Blankenship is in her second decade of eldercare with aging parents and in-laws. She has used her business background to develop tools, tips, and guidance that bring an organized approach to an otherwise randomly arriving responsibility.

Even if your parents or elders are not in need of much care yet, this book helps you plan and put things in place so that, when they do need more from you, you can offer more care and less panic.

How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles can be read in one night and put in your briefcase or tote bag for reference anytime you face another vexing eldercare issue.

Suzanne’s humor is soft, tongue-in-cheek and spot on without being offensive or disrespectful. If you’ve walked this journey in any way, you’ll immediately get her humor and you’ll appreciate it. It lightens the load of an emotionally-laden topic, refreshes your perspective so you can keep going, allowing you to stay the course with your decisions and your care.

The cartoons are hilarious – full of truth, giving you permission to laugh at what you are facing in eldercare.

This book is a must-read and a great tool to help save your sanity in the midst of some tough times and hard choices.

Tools from the trenches, served with spot-on humor and a realistic perspective – you’ll love reading How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles and you’ll return to it for guidance over and over as you face new and different dilemmas.

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