Vito Anthony “Real Americans” Book Signing in December

Vito Anthony signs copies of “Real Americans” in MI this month.


Tuesday December 17, 2019 6:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
2800 S. Rochester Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

About the Author:

Vito Anthony is a Service Disabled decorated Vietnam veteran. He is passionate about his country and is fiercely protective of America’s freedoms. He remains committed to the oath he took so long ago.

About the Book:

An Islamic terrorist has made his way across the US/Canadian border with plans to interrupt the trial of the infamous ”underwear bomber,” kill as many Americans as possible and throw the justice system into chaos. Anna, a young girl of an immigrant family living in the heartland of Michigan suspects the man crossing her border patrol station is an imminent threat. The only problem is, no one believes her. The authorities laugh at her suspicions while she defies orders and follows his trail. V-man, a sharp eyed, fast talking Vietnam vet who spends his days taking care of the Detroit neighborhood he grew up in, realizes something isn’t right with his good friend’s new house guest and sets off to discover just what is triggering his internal alarm bells. This turns into an exciting, fast paced, patriotic story of V-man, Anna and an unlikely group of hardened vets and Inner City survivors who have no choice but to try to put a stop to the terrorist plot before it is too late, and in doing so prove who the Real Americans really are.

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