Josh and Anika Eagan “The Adventures of Ninja and Luche” Signing in December

Josh and Anika Eagan will sign copies of “The Adventures of Ninja and Luche” in VA this month.


December 21, 2019 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Winchester Book Gallery
VA 7 N Loudoun St
Winchester, VA 22601
United States

About the Authors:


Josh Eagan is the owner and publisher of Roanoke Valley Family Magazine. He is married to his high school sweetheart Andrea, who is a nurse at a local hospital. They have two kids, Anika and Evelyn who are the creative forces behind Ninja and Luche. In his sparetime, Josh can be found at the gym, watching baseball or simply just hanging out and playing with his family.


Anika Eagan is a high school student at Community High School in Roanoke, Virginia. She has been drawing and creating since she was five. Anika loves animals and volunteers at the local shelter when she is not busy at school or drawing the next Ninja and Luche book. Anika and her sister Evelyn can often be found baking in the kitchen, creating something in the basement or playing with their dogs, Bauer and Chloe.

About the Book:

Ninja and Luche race against time to save a stuffed animal for a neighborhood kid. But that’s not the hardest part of their day. They need to protect their real identities from three people who see them everyday – their grandmother and parents! Will they be able to rescue the stuffed animal and keep their super hero identities safe?

Written and illustrated by a father-daughter duo, the new series features characters created by Anika and her sister Evelyn more than five years ago. The two main characters are Monica and Stevie, two siblings who have superhero alter-egos that no one else knows about. As Ninja and Luche, the sibling duo helps neighbors, classmates, and others around town while getting into mischief.  

“My daughters are extremely imaginative and creative, and the characters in this story reflect their talent,” says Josh, the author of the story. “With a little work on my side crafting a story, and with Anika’s colorful and playful art, the story of Ninja and Luche comes to life in the pages of this book. The story and artwork create an engaging and funny story that parents will love and kids will want to read again.”

Anika Eagan, an aspiring artist and student at Community High School in Roanoke, VA, is excited to see her work tell a story that she and her sister, Evelyn dreamt up. “Ninja and Luche have been a part of our childhood for as long as I can remember. Evelyn and I are so happy to share our characters with other children,” Anika explains. “With our dad’s help, thousands of children will hear about the wacky adventures of our two superheroes!”

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