Deuntay Diggs “Beneath The Scar” Book Signing in January

Deuntay Diggs will be signing copies of “Beneath The Scar: A Story of Resilience” in OH next month.


Union Cafe
782 N. High St
Columbus OH

About the Author:

Deuntay Diggs is the author of the book “Beneath The Scar: A Story of Resilience”.

About the Book:

Beneath the scar is a gritty, honest, first person tale about the life of Deuntay Diggs. In this book, you will join Deuntay on his journey from a small Eastern Shore kid all the way to VMI graduate and United States Army Soldier. The story in between though is what sets the stage in this tale of resilience. Deuntay brings the reader right into the plot with brutal truths; the abuses suffered as a child, struggling relationships with his family members, as well as coping with personal beliefs such as faith, love and sexuality. A no holds barred tale, Beneath the Scar takes you head on into a nightmare before making a sharp turn into the American Dream.

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