Maura O’Leary “When Angels Play Poker” Book Signing in December

Maura O’Leary will be signing copies of “When Angels Play Poker” in MA next month.


Sunday December 02, 2018 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
The Derby Street Shoppes
96 Derby Street Suite 300
Hingham, MA 02043

About the Author:

Maura is a successful business executive, who has been an intuitive all her life. She is also a Reiki practitioner, certified medium, and angel messenger.

Maura lives in the Boston, MA area, and this is her first book!

She was inspired to write this story because of her personal experience with angel signs and messages, and she hopes this book helps all those who wonder what angels really do all day…and if their prayers are heard and answered.

About the Book:

A seasoned con-artist named Jimmy lands himself in a new high-end senior living complex, and is looking forward to hanging out with a hot chick he meets the first weekend there, when he suddenly drops dead of a heart attack, and arrives in Heaven.

While adjusting to the shock of his new situation, Jimmy meets his elder angel guide Norm, and is assigned to watch over a woman on earth he never knew before. He finds out the woman, Maura, is his brother’s girlfriend and he learns from Norm that he’ll play a critical role in helping Maura through the relationship.

As time goes by though, Jimmy realizes Maura’s life is much less exciting than his was on Earth. He finally approaches Norm, and tells him how bored he is. That’s when he is told that sometimes while waiting for events to unfold on earth, even Angels get to play poker in Heaven….

If you’re wondering what Angels do all day, immerse yourself in a charming, inspirational story about the adventures in Heaven when an ordinary couple go about their lives on earth, while being watched over, prayed for, and loved every day.

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