Francee Strain “No Ordinary Invitation” August Book Signing

Francee Strain will be signing copies of “No Ordinary Invitation” in WA next month.


Saturday August 11, 2018 11:00 AM
Barnes & Noble
Market Pointe I Shopping Center
15310 E. Indiana Ave.
Spokane, WA 99216

About the Author:

Francee Strain is a speaker, teacher, pastor’s wife, and musician. She is active in her church, community, and missions and has a personal ministry that encourages believers to grow spiritually and develop their gifts. She has been married for twenty-five years, has two children, and resides in Washington.

About the Book:

Our lives are filled with things to do, but why do we do the things we do? Is there another way, a better way? Perspective and focus shape the way we live and the schedules we keep. Where exactly are we focusing? What types of perspectives do we have? Are our views about the temporary, or are they about the eternal?

God has invited each of us to live abundantly and to live with eternal purpose. His invitations are like none other we will ever receive. Every part of who we are–body, mind, soul, and relationships–can have an intentional focus and fulfill an eternal purpose. Discover the things He has already called you to and learn how to respond to them. Discover what invitations will be forthcoming and what you can do to prepare for them.

Obstacles, excuses, suffering, times of waiting, incredible seasons of busyness, and the enemies of your soul can all be deterrents and distractions that can keep you from responding to and receiving from God. You have choices to make, up against a clock that is ticking. Are you making your minutes count for the correct things in the correct ways?

This book will lead you to introspection and encourage you to action. You can overcome all of these challenges when you are infused with God’s strength and power. You can fulfill the things that He calls you to do.

Every day counts. Every moment counts. Make today count–for all eternity. Make this day extraordinary.

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