Gregory Campbell “Overcoming a Missing Father” Book Signing in May

Gregory Campbell will be signing copies of his book “Overcoming a Missing Father” in KY this month.


Saturday May 19, 2018 12:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Elizabethtown Mall
Mall Park Center
1980 N. Dixie Hwy
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

About the Author:

Gregory Campbell has been married to his lovely wife, Regina for 37 years and they have three beautiful adult daughters, two precious granddaughters, two sharp grandsons and two excellent sons-in-law’s. Greg is an Army Veteran. His desire is to help improve the lives of millions by incorporating his personal experiences of living without a father into a book of life changing tools. He has spoken to inmates in jail/prison and when they were asked “How many didn’t have a father around?” nearly every hand went up. Greg is the author of an inspiring novel: “A Time To Father” and has dubbed himself “Dr. Fatherhood”.

About the Book:

“Overcoming A Missing Father” fosters understanding and hope into those negatively impacted from fatherless viruses. Greg has identified those viruses as; Abandoned, Deceased, Incarcerated, Drugs or Alcohol, Parents Divorced, Medical Condition, Absentee Father, Father’s Father, Military Separation. The author briefly shares personal accounts of his missing father and allow readers to turn the book into their own personal journey toward overcoming. Men and Women of all ages, will travel back into their subconscious and address various issues surrounding their fatherless childhood experiences. Addressing the root of society’s main problem is an important way to positively impact generations.

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