David Lee Smith & Team – “The Man From Earth Holocene” Signing Event

David Lee Smith, Ellen Crawford, John Billingsley, William Katt, and others will be signing copies of “The Man From Earth Holocene” in CA this week.


3/7/18 7:00 PM
Dark Delicacies
West Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA.

About the Team:

Production company: Falling Sky Entertainment
Cast: David Lee Smith, Akemi Look, Vanessa Williams, Sterling Knight, William Katt, Michael Dorn, John Billingsley, Brittany Curran, Carlos Knight
Director: Richard Schenkman
Screenwriters: Emerson Bixby, Richard Schenkman (story by Eric D Wilkinson, Richard Schenkman)
Producers: Richard Schenkman, Eric D. Wilkinson
Executive producers: Emerson Bixby, Jack Hanan, Isaac Hanan, Adam Hanan
Cinematographer: Richard Vialet
Production designer: Sally Courtois
Costume designer: Katherine Hegarty
Editor: Bobby K. Richardson
Composer: Mark Hinton Stewart
Casting director: Shannon Makhanian
Sales: Falling Sky Entertainment, New York

About the Movie:

The Man from Earth: Holocene is an American drama science fiction film directed by Richard Schenkman and written by Emerson Bixby, based on characters created by his father, science fiction writer Jerome Bixby. It is a sequel to the 2007 film The Man from Earth. David Lee Smith returns as John Oldman, the protagonist. This film was uploaded to The Pirate Bay on 16th January 2018 by the creators themselves for completely legal download.

The plot focuses on university professor John Oldman, now calling himself John Young, who is secretly a Cro-Magnon (or Magdalenian caveman) that has survived for more than 14,000 years. However, despite all those years of immortality, John has found that he has begun to age and he no longer heals as quickly as he used to. Meanwhile, four of his students have begun to suspect the truth about him and contact Art Jenkins, whose career fell apart after publishing a book about John’s story.

David Lee Smith as John Oldman/John Young
William Katt as Dr. Art Jenkins
Vanessa Williams as Carolyn
Michael Dorn as Dr. Gil Parker
Sterling Knight as Philip
Brittany Curran as Tara
Carlos Knight as Liko
Akemi Look as Isabel
John Billingsley as Harry

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