T.D. Hubbard “Teylor High: The Summer Hook Up” Book Signing

T.D. Hubbard will be signing the copies of “Teylor High: The Summer Hook Up” at the following location.


01/16/2016 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
First Colony Mall
Sugar Land, TX

About the Author:

I’m a small town girl that got away from my roots and I’m now back, ready to write from my hometown point of view. Some of my writing may stir the raw emotions of abuse or hurt, and some may bring you to tears for joy as long lost love reunite. In any case I write from the heart. Sit back and take an emotional ride.


About the Book:

Kirby Daniels, teenage daughter of a successful engineer and administrative assistant, is enjoying a good life growing up in Missouri City, Texas, when her world is suddenly thrown into turmoil. After her father loses his job and the mounting bills cause her parents to separate, Kirby’s mother sends her to live with her aunt and two cousins for the summer.

As she attempts to adapt to life in a rough neighborhood, Kirby is introduced to T-Bone, a handsome young gang member who quickly captures her attention. Although T-Bone and Kirby come from completely different backgrounds, their attraction is undeniable as they begin to open up and share details about their lives. But naïve Kirby, who has never had a boyfriend, is about to discover that T-Bone comes with baggage that includes baby mama drama and dangerous friends. As things heat up-both with her relationship and in the community between rival gangs-Kirby must decide how far she and her love are willing to go.

In this young adult novel, a teenage girl temporarily moves into a Texas ghetto for the summer where she hooks up with her first boyfriend and must determine whether her reality is better or worse than her dreams.

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