Florence Parry Heide & Merrill Rainey “Giants Are Very Brave People” Author Talk

Join Florence Parry Heide and Merrill Rainey to talk about “Giants Are Very Brave People.”


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About the Author:

Growing up, Merrill Rainey spent most of his Saturday afternoons watching monster movies, drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and going on imaginary adventures. Today, he is a cowboy-boot-wearing, picture-book-creator, and paper-toy-maker. Merrill’s work focuses on exploring creativity and imaginative play. His current titles include Roar! I’m a Dinosaur and Color, Cut, Create. When asked, Merrill’s biggest fear are the things he might step on when he takes off his cowboy boots! You can see more of his work at littlerainey.com or follow him on instagram @littlerainey.

About the Book:

A little giant learns to be brave with the help of a new friend, in this classic picture book from Florence Parry Heide, author of The Shrinking of Treehorn

In a new edition, revisit this sweet, funny story of a giant finding his courage from Florence Parry Heide, author of The Shrinking of Treehorn and Princess Hyacinth. Illustrator Merrill Rainey puts a new contemporary spin on this fractured fairytale with his bright, playful cartoon style.

Everyone is afraid of something, but Bigelow is afraid of just  about everything–clouds, alphabet soup, baths. One day Bigelow meets a tiny woman who is afraid of HIM. Luckily, Bigelow is better at making friends than being a scary, and soon Mrs. Pimberly and Bigelow are eating pancakes together.

Mrs. Pimberly is surprised Bigelowe is scared of so many things. Maybe if he acted more like a fierce giant and shouted “Fee Fi Fo Fum!” he wouldn’t be so scared. Can these magic words really help Bigelow conquer his fear?

The perfect storytime book for the child who needs a little help learning to be brave. Parents and grandparents will love sharing this touching but humorous reimagined classic, while kids will love roaring with Bigelow, “Fee Fi Fo Fum!”

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