Niki Dewart, Elizabeth Marglin, & Jenny Kostecki-Shaw “The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck” Book Discussion [Updated Jan 9th]

Join Niki Dewart, Elizabeth Marglin, and Jenny Kostecki-Shaw to discuss “The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck.”


1/17/2023 at 6:00 PM
295 Main Street C101
Vail, CO 81632

About the Authors:

NIKI DEWART, M.A., and ELIZABETH MARGLIN, M.A., are the coauthors of The Mother’s Wisdom Deck. Niki writes books, designs sacred spaces, and leads rituals and retreats that nurture the feminine soul. Elizabeth is a journalist and writing coach who writes for publications such as Yoga Journal and Spirituality & Health. They both live in Colorado.

JENNY KOSTECKI-SHAW is a national award-winning author and illustrator, a homesteader, and a mother.

About the Book:

Gorgeously illustrated 52-card deck and guidebook with empowering archetypes of the sacred feminine to amplify your innate knowing and invigorate your potential.

Within you lives the wild and sacred feminine. Invoke her empowering wisdom through cards separated into four facets—Wild (Butterfly, Lioness), Elemental (Mountain, Smoke), Archetypal (Muse, Shapeshifter), and Divine (Inanna, Oshun). Also included is a full-color guidebook, which offers ideas for single-card draws and unique multi-card spreads along with inspiring quotations and an open-ended exploration of each card’s light and shadow aspects. May this deck reveal an exquisite aliveness, where everything is held sacred and nothing is held back.

Honoring the potent and tumultuous time we live in, this insightful oracle deck is an invocation of the sacred feminine and a source of insight for clarity, confirmation, and guidance. The feminine creates and transforms, adapts and abides, loves and consoles. Your own potential is reflected in her many faces.

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