Maddie Frost “Iguana Be a Dragon” Picture Book Hour

Join in an in-person event with author-illustrator Maddie Frost for a special Picture Book Hour of “Iguana Be a Dragon.”


Sun, Jul 24, 2022, 10:30 AM EDT
Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446
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About the Author:

Maddie Frost is the author and illustrator of Iguana Be a DragonAnimobilesSmug Seagull, and Just Be Jelly, and the illustrator of A Is for ArtichokeShine Like a Unicorn, and more. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two dogs, and a donkey next door.

About the Book:

A humorous and heartfelt picture book about an iguana who thinks he needs to be someone else to stand out – but realizes that what’s most special are the qualities that already make him unique.

When Iguana is invited to new neighbor Cheetah’s pool party, he’s worried that it will be filled with all kinds of interesting animals. And he’s not interesting at all! But what if he became something amazing, like . . . a fire-breathing dragon?? Iguana has a big plan — could it work, or will it all go up in flames?

Maddie Frost introduces a silly and relatable character who learns that his own unique qualities are actually pretty neat, and the coolest friends will celebrate him for who he is.

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