Shannon Messenger “Unlocked” Book Discussion [Updated Oct 29, 2021]

Shannon will discuss “Unlocked Book 8.5.”


[In Conversation with JC Cervantes]
November 9 @ 6:00 pm
Kepler’s Literary Foundation
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About the Author:

Shannon Messenger graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she learned—among other things—that she liked watching movies much better than making them. She’s studied art, screenwriting, and film production, but she realized her real passion was writing stories for children. She’s the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the award-winning middle grade series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, as well as the Sky Fall series for young adults. Her books have been featured on multiple state reading lists, published in numerous countries, and translated into many different languages. She lives in Southern California with an embarrassing number of cats. Find her online at

About the Series:

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a book series written by Shannon Messenger that currently consists of eight books, named in the order of: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Flashback, and Legacy.[1] It is published in various languages, including but not limited to: English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Starting in 2012, a new book has come out each year. Book 8.5: Unlocked will be published in November 17, 2020, Book 9: Unknown will be released November 2021, and there may be more if necessary. The books are generally released sometime in autumn for the Northern Hemisphere, or spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The more recent books have been published on Tuesdays in November.

The series follows the journey of Sophie Foster, who seems to be different from other humans. Not only is she a genius, but she also has an ability that no one else has: the ability to read minds. That is, that an ability she thinks no one else has. However, when she meets a cute, teal-eyed boy who tells her that she is not a human, but rather, an elf, her world turns upside down. This abnormal girl travels through a journey of pain, discovery, and love. The only question is, does she have what it takes to make it out of alive?

As she pushes through the hardships that the Neverseen, a rebel group of elves, send her way, she meets new people, sees new things, and forms new heartfelt relationships. Her friends and family help her along her journey.

After manifesting five abilities throughout the course of the books, one might assume that she would easily be victorious. But the Neverseen always seem to be one step ahead. A witness to many kidnappings, and experiencing one herself, Sophie Foster thought she was prepared for everything. But with twists at every step, she questions if things could get any worse, which always seems to happen. Experiencing betrayals and losses that she never thought were possible, Sophie still pushes through the hardships.

With the help of her friends, family, and creators, the Black Swan, Sophie Foster pushes through each battle she faces. The question that spreads among the fans of the New York Times bestselling series is, who will emerge as the victor? The Moonlark and the Black Swan, or the forces of evil? Read through this thrilling, heart-stopping book series to find out!

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