Alicia Marie Phidd “Success is Subjective” Author Talk

Alicia Marie Phidd will discuss her book “Success is Subjective.”


March 31, 2021 at 7 p.m.
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About the Author:

Alicia Marie Phidd, M.P.S.,J.D. a currently practicing business law and commercial litigation attorney, felt her purpose was to empower others while connecting them with a dash of luxury and entertainment. She is the Chief Creative Officer for Recherche High Cotton, Corp. and called upon her entertainment experience, her cultured upbringing and her love of people to create the events around her T-Shirt line.

Ms. Phidd’s career spans the legal industry, academia and entertainment. Born to a beauty pageant contestant who was the first runner up and crowned with the title of best legs, it was no surprise to her family that she keeps one foot in the entertainment world while practicing law.

She is visible on social media and can be found at and and her podcast Alicia Marie Phidd on Apple Music/TuneIn/Spotify

In 2007, Ms. Phidd was the first spoken word artist to open for R&B greats Howard Hewitt and After 7 in concert in 2007. She has written a poetry book, two business booklet guides for entrepreneurs and this book, her first nonfiction, Success is Subjective: Give Yourself a #Checkmark.

She made history in Sarasota in 2019 when she became the first female general counsel of a USL’s soccer franchise in their 25 year history. She has created two games for empowerment and networking events called Reseau™ and Palmarius™. Ms. Phidd believes that with God at your center you can achieve anything in your life. “Think it. Do it. It’s that simple” says Ms. Phidd.

She holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry, a Master’s in Environmental Studies, Graduate Certificate in Solid Waste from SUNY Stony Brook and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Thomas University School of Law.

About the Book:

SUCCESS IN LIFE MOVEMENT Life is simply what you make it because it does not come with a template or a guide. This companion helps you to create your own philosophy on the definition of success in your life. Entrepreneurs are the foundation of this capitalist society, whether they are serial entrepreneurs, or they have built a massive empire. During that rise to society’s definition of success, that is typically associated with wealth, they get challenged. It is before those challenges that you need to be prepared and have the tools to handle those challenges. While failure is necessary to work out the kinks and make you better the next go around, you may have misdiagnosed or just missed your successes. Through your relationship with God and your ability to redefine your thinking, you will embrace the success you already are. This book shares those secrets to a productive and successful life. ABOUT THE AUTHOR ALICIA MARIE PHIDD is a former polymer chemist who became an attorney. She is the author of the business companion booklets, Business life basics, legal principles for entrepreneurs(2016) and 2020DC: Empowerment through knowledge(2020). In 2019, she became the first female general counsel of a USL soccer franchise in the league’s 25 years of existence. She has a list of firsts, which include being the first black attorney nominated and confirmed to the environmental control hearing board in Palm Beach County, in their 30 years of existence (2014), and the first black female general counsel panelist at the Daily Business Review’s Legends of the Boardroom (2016). You can follow her at and

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