Ettie Zilber “A Holocaust Memoir of Love & Resilience” Book Discussion

Zilber will discuss “A Holocaust Memoir of Love & Resilience: Mama’s Survival from Lithuania to America,” her memoir about her mother Zlata.


December 22, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST
Holocaust Museum LA
Phone: 3236513704
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About the Author:

Her birth in a D.P. camp in Germany marked Ettie Zilber with a special responsibility. Retirement from a career as an educator in international schools in six countries has given her the opportunity to fulfill that responsibility –to research and document her family’s Holocaust experiences — and reflect on their impact on the next generation. The author of Third Culture Kids: Children of International School Educators, and numerous professional publications, conducts workshops on cross-cultural sensitivity, international-mindedness, tolerance and global citizenship for youth and adults. She lives in Arizona with her husband of 44 years, and enjoys visits with her children and grandchildren. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

About the Book:

With the Nazi occupation of Kovno (Lithuania), her life changed forever. Zlata Santocki Sidrer was Jewish, but she survived the horrors of the Holocaust.

Gone was her normal life and her teenage dream of becoming a doctor. Instead, she witnessed untold deprivations, massacres, imprisonment, hunger and slave labor before being transported to the Stutthof Concentration Camp. Her story of the death march is a testament to her fighting spirit and the limits of human endurance. Yet the challenges did not end with liberation.

Lovingly compiled from recorded interviews and researched by her eldest daughter, Ettie, this is an account of a remarkably resilient woman who raised herself out of the ashes after unimaginable hardship and sorrow. She found love and happiness where none could be expected—a secret marriage in the ghetto, escapes, dangerous border crossings, reunifications, and life-saving friendships.

Ettie’s quest to learn more about her ancestry led her to Lithuania and Poland–in her mother’s footsteps. The author reflects on the impact of her family’s experiences on her own beliefs and behaviors, thereby adding to the literature about Second Generation and transgenerational trauma.

In these memoirs she honors her family by telling their amazing story of survival and collects evidence to corroborate their painful history.

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