Sue Lowell Gallion “All Except Axle” Virtual Storytime

Join for a virtual storytime event with author Sue Lowell Gallion as she reads from her most recent book, “All Except Axle.”


November 14, 2020 @ 10:30 am
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About the Author:

As the daughter of a printer, Sue Lowell Gallion has a life-long love of type, paper, and the aroma of ink. Her work has been published in HighlightsHigh Five, and Clubhouse Jr. Sue and her husband, Terry, live in Leawood, Kansas, with a black lab mix who provides her with daily inspiration. She is the author of the Pug & Pig series.

About the Book:

Perfect for fans of John Cena’s Elbow Grease and The Little Engine that Could, this winning, playfully illustrated tale shows that even the new car on the block can accomplish incredible things if he believes in himself!

Axle is a brand-new car, fresh off of the assembly line. It feels like his tires have barely hit the pavement when it’s time for all the newbies to move out! Axle watches the other cars zoom onto Earlene, their transport truck, but can’t quite seem to put himself in drive. What will happen at the car dealership? What if he’s not ready for his road test?

Axle tells Earlene he feels funny…maybe he’s out of alignment. She should probably just go without him. Even after Earlene gets him moving, Axle still stalls and crawls. But when the crew hits an unexpected roadblock, it may just be Axle who sparks his plugs, revs his engine, and saves the day!

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