Jane Sellier “The Dance In The Kitchen” Book Signing

Jane Sellier will sign copies of “The Dance In The Kitchen” in AL next month.


March 14, 2020 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Page & Palette
32 S Section St
United States
Phone: (251) 928-5295

About the Author:

Traveling is a wonderful occupation. One need not have a particular destination in mind – just going places is fulfilling and rewarding. My husband and I were full-time RV’ers for five years and traveled throughout the United States and Canada. I discovered soon enough, however, that visiting many different locations is one thing but remembering where we’d been was quite another. I found that sketching was the answer to fixing in my mind places that I wanted to remember.

About the Book:

Raised on a farm in central Illinois with 280 acres… I was able to get acquainted with all the good things in the world – hard work, good food, loving parents, pets, alfalfa fields, cornfields, wheat and soybean fields, sand hills, vetch, lespedeza and on and on and on.

Hedge rows and haystacks, haylofts and horses and horse tanks. Pigs and pigpens, chickens and chicken pens and coops. I gathered eggs and sometimes got nipped when the hen wasn’t ready to relinquish her deposit. I had an older brother to play ball with and a bicycle which I rode up and down our long, dusty dirt lane. A pig and a pony were my best friends.

In a word, I was blessed.

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