Tina Assanti “The Kingdom of God and Playboys” Signing

Tina Assanti is signing copies of “The Kingdom of God and Playboys” in FL this month.


Thursday February 06, 2020 7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Plaza Venezia
7900 W. Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819

About the Author:

Tina Assanti immigrated with her extended patriarchal family to Canada in the 1950’s. She applied to be a nun at the age of twenty-two but was told the confines of the church would not suit her personality. In looking back, Tina agrees. They were absolutely right.

About the Book:

What a ride!

Playboy and I were coincidentally born in 1954. Its centerfolds dogged me into my adulthood adding color to an already quirky, dysfunctional, and, at times, violent life. And while I was taught antiquated Victorian principles, the men around me embraced Hugh Hefner’s new sexual revolution and his philosophy designating women as playthings for their own entertainment.

On the one hand, I was taught to respect, and do, a man’s bidding, and, to never question his authority. On the other hand, no one taught me the facts of life or that I even had value. This was a recipe for a lifetime of pain and confusion.

However, something always miraculously intervened and eventually blessed me with wisdom, strength, and the ability to forgive those who were victims in their own right.

This is a brutally honest story of rape, abuse, and domestic violence but it is just as brutally honest about a unique experiential relationship with God.

Hold on tightly. This is a roller-coaster read!

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