Nick Esposito “The Elephant in the Classroom” Book Signing

Nick Esposito is signing copies of “The Elephant in the Classroom” in CO this week.


Saturday January 25, 2020 10:00 AM
Barnes & Noble
College Ave.
4045 S. College
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

About the Author:

Nick Esposito is the author.

About the Book:

Like every teacher, Mr. Elephant aspires to inspire his students. However this pachyderm professor quickly realizes that inspiration comes at a price. Every day, Mr. Elephant and his eccentric colleagues live with the harsh realities of being educators. They experience overwhelming feelings of burnout and stress, changing educational landscapes, added responsibilities, and rascal students. Yet, these devoted professionals show up every day to serve a higher purpose. Nick Esposito’s debut book sheds light on the tremendous weight that teachers’ carry with them into the classroom and with the help of Mr. Elephant he illuminates the one thing that is sure to alleviate it – purpose. This inspiring teacher fable is a perfect gift for National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Day. It is for new teachers entering the classroom and veterans who are leaving it.

A Word From Mr. Elephant

“Teachers are not in the business of changing the world. They are in the business of changing dozens of worlds at a time.”

Early Praise for The Elephant in the Classroom

“This story encourages teachers to reengage with their purpose for teaching and rediscover what brought them to the classroom in the first place” Monica Wilson, Teacher – Grade 7.

“Esposito sheds light onto the experiences of educators that we can each authentically connect to, bringing us together to help us realize the opportunity to choose joy in our purpose as we continue to do this important work as a community” Danna Thomas, Founder – Happy Teacher Revolution.

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