“Shaking the Tree” January Book Fair & Signing

Meet local authors who contributed to Shaking The Tree: Brazen. Short. Memoir (Vol. 2), a selection of compelling, true stories that speak to our diverse coastal community. The authors will discuss their submissions and be available to sign your purchased copies.


Saturday January 04, 2020 11:00 AM
Barnes & Noble
2615 Vista Way
Oceanside, CA 92054

About the Participants:

Laura Engel, Kimberly Joy, Madonna Treadway, Amanda Byzak, Lenore Greiner, Katya McLance, and John Cunningham are participating in the event.

About the Book:

The San Diego Memoir Writers Association is honored to present the second volume of compelling true stories drawn from our annual Memoir Showcase contest. This year’s winning selections address the theme of Things We Don’t Talk About, and our writers bravely answered the call to share the most intimate narratives of their lives.

The authors take on bold issues such as hidden racism, physical and sexual abuse, illicit affairs, the tragic loss of a child or parent, secret family members, and the painfully awkward experiences of adolescent first love. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes terrifying or mysterious, the stories within these pages challenge us to check our assumptions, seek out understanding, and connect with the triumphant bravery it takes to shine a light on our secrets.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Elise Kim Prosser PhD • Krisa Bruemmer • Huda Al-Marashi • Laura L. Engel • Lauren Halsted • CJ Elliott • Lenore Greiner • Donna L. Jose • James Roberts • Bill Peters • Nancy “Pants” Johnson • Kimberly Joy • Misha Luz • Amanda Byzak • Katya McLane • Patricia Geist-Martin • Lynn Gahman • Marilyn Woods • Janice Alper • Marijke McCandless • Heather M. Berberet • Sarah Vosburgh • Laura May • Susan F. Keith • Caroline Gilman • Saadia Ali Esmail • MarDestinee C. Perez • John Cunningham • Laura Jaye • Madonna Treadway • Melissa Bloom

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