Rachel Richards Book Signing in January

Rachel Richards will sign copies of “Money Honey” and “Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement” in KY next month.


Thursday January 09, 2020 7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Paddock Shops
The Summit to Paddock Shops
4100 Summit Plaza Drive
Louisville, KY 40241

About the Author:

Rachel Richards is an investor, business owner, former financial advisor, and author. She’s helped countless people transform their lives with her book, “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together.”

Growing up in a household on a strict budget motivated Rachel to learn everything she could about money management from a young age. Rachel began investing in the stock market at age 18. She majored in Financial Economics at Centre College, a small private liberal arts school costing over $40,000 per year. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to begin selling Cutco to fund her college education completely by herself. She graduated in three short years at age 20, with zero debt.

Transitioning to a career as a financial advisor came naturally for Rachel. She loved helping her clients invest in the stock market, pay off debt, and grow their wealth. Rachel has also worked as a finance manager for a real estate.

About the Books:

Money Honey:

Let’s face it: Adulting is hard, especially when it comes to money management. In Money Honey, former financial advisor Rachel Richards achieves the impossible by bringing humor and sass to the dreaded subject of personal finance.

An avid investor and business owner, Rachel talks straight about how to attain financial freedom. You’ll find no shortage of valuable nuggets in this tough-love guide that will teach you how to:

•Double your income and halve your expenses
•Consolidate your student loans and lower your interest rate
•Open a brokerage account and make a trade so that you can start investing in the stock market
•Allocate your money between debt payoff, short-term savings, and retirement
•…and lots more!

Most importantly, you’ll learn Rachel’s 7 Simple Steps for getting your financial $hit together. If you’re ready to whip your finances into shape and have fun while doing so, this book is for you.

Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement:

Two million dollars.

That’s how much money anyone under age 40 will need to accumulate to retire. That often means working 40-hour-weeks and penny-pinching your whole life. How else could you save a cool $2 mil?

Finance guru, former financial advisor, and Amazon bestselling author of Money Honey, Rachel Richards has one goal in mind: teaching you everything you need to know to become financially free earlier than you ever thought possible. At age 27, Rachel quit her job and retired, living off $10,000+ per month in passive income streams. Let her show you how to do it at any age—it’s never too late.

What is passive income? Passive income is earned with little to no ongoing work. It’s no get-rich-quick scheme, but once your passive income exceeds your expenses, you are set for life.

In a refreshingly realistic how-to guide, Rachel serves up 28 tried and true passive income stream models, helping you to:

  • Achieve “Financial Independence, Retire Early” without penny-pinching
  • Create consistent, long-term residual income (the non-multi-level-marketing way), so you can live life on your terms
  • Have the flexibility to work when, where, and if you want
  • Say “goodbye” to your 9-5, and create a life you totally love
  • Eliminate your money stresses and fears

Rachel supplements boatloads of research and personal expertise by interviewing well-known experts! You’ll hear directly from big names such as HAL ELROD, BOBBY HOYT, DAVID OSBORN, HONORÉE CORDER, and more!

Hal Elrod is the internationally bestselling author of The Miracle Morning™ Series, which has been translated into 37 languages and has impacted over 2,000,000 people’s lives!

Bobby Hoyt is a former high school band director and the founder of Millennial Money Man. He now makes six figures per month from his blog, online courses, and recurring revenue!

David Osborn is a multi-millionaire real estate mogul who started out broke and unemployed at age 26, only to become one of the most successful real estate franchise owners in the world!

Honorée Corder has written over 50 books. She teaches the You Must Write a Book Live Coaching Course and is an executive book coach!

Doug Skipworth is the co-founder and principal broker at Crestcore Realty, which manages 2,500 properties in Tennessee. He personally owns hundreds of rentals!

Thom Shepherd is a CMA of Texas Songwriter of the Year and has written five #1 singles!

If you regularly feel the Sunday Scaries or always dread getting up for work in the morning, this book is for you. This book is for the college student already dreading the 9-5 life that waits him upon graduating; the couple who would rather spend their time doing what they want, instead of slaving away for their employers every day; and the single parent who is barely scraping by.

Regardless of your WHY, passive income could be your HOW.

Applicable in 2019, 2020, and beyond, this book is the gift that keeps on giving. Get it for yourself, for a Christmas gift, or to jumpstart a New Year’s Resolution.

Complete beginner or not, by the end of Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, you’ll know exactly what it takes and how to get started. Passive income is real and attainable for everyone, even you. Are you ready to join the movement?

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