Dr. Dwithiya K. Thomas “The Heart of Cooking” Book Signing in August

St. Luke’s University Health Network’s Cardiologist, Dr. Dwithiya K. Thomas will be signing copies of her book “The Heart of Cooking” in PA next month.


Saturday August 03, 2019 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
2960 Center Valley Pkwy Ste 742
Center Valley, PA 18034

About the Author:

Dr. Dwithiya K. Thomas is a Cardiologist in St. Luke’s University Health Network.

About the Book:

It is no secret that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk for developing heart disease and can also help in the management of existing heart disease. Your doctor may ask you to limit your salt intake, cholesterol, and fat intake, or carbohydrate and sugar intake. These specific diets have been shown to improve your numbers as far as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and blood sugars. By managing these numbers, your risk for having heart attacks and strokes also reduces.

Most cookbooks with heart-healthy recipes do not separate their recipes by these guidelines that your doctor may ask you to follow. This cookbook is written by a practicing cardiologist, who takes nutrition seriously for her patients and family members. The book is divided into chapters of types of dietary restrictions she refers her patients to every day. This makes following your doctor’s orders easier.

Not only will you benefit from these heart-healthy recipes, but your family members will also enjoy healthy hearts with recipes that are kid friendly. Vegetarian recipes are found throughout the book in addition to a dedicated chapter with only vegetarian recipes. Don’t worry about your sweet tooth. Diabetics and those with heart disease can also enjoy the heart-healthy dessert recipes featured in this book.

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