Lorraine M. Dorfman “Five Essentials to Be Your Best You” & “Head vs. Heart” February Signing

Local clinical psychologist, therapist, author, teacher, and public speaker, Lorraine M. Dorfman, Ph.D. will be signing copies of her two books, “Five Essentials to Be Your Best You” and “Head vs. Heart: 3 Steps to Your Best Choice” in PA next month.


Saturday February 09, 2019 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
2960 Center Valley Pkwy Ste 742
Center Valley, PA 18034

About the Author:

Lorraine M. Dorfman, Ph.D. is a local clinical psychologist, therapist, author, teacher, and public speaker.

About the Books:

As the first book in the Realizing Your Greatest Potential series, Five Essentials to Be Your Best You introduces you to the fundamental tool for improving yourself and pursuing your goals: the five essentials checklist. The experiences of many years of clinical practice and self-improvement workshops have allowed Dr. Dorfman to perfect her method, and with this book people of all ages can experience the benefits of the five essentials checklist.

In this book, Dr. Dorfman succinctly and expertly explains the pillars of nutrition, movement, sleep, affirmation, and introspection. Sequentially following each essential are plentiful step-by-step exercises empowering the reader to integrate and explore the fundamentals. Whether you wish to banish stress from your life or whether you struggle with unfulfilled goals and ambitions, the five essentials checklist can help you become a better version of yourself.

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