Sarah Norkus “The Wildflower Gazebo” Book Signing in January

Sarah Norkus will be signing copies of “The Wildflower Gazebo” in VA next month.


Saturday January 19, 2019 12:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Short Pump
11640 W. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23233

About the Author:

Sarah Norkus is the author of the book, “The Wildflower Gazebo”

About the Book:

Christian Romantic Suspense

Sophie Madison and Aaron Reinhart are in love and making college plans when a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions rips them apart in the summer of their senior year. Devastated beyond belief, they try to move on with their separate lives, attending different universities and pursuing different careers.

Thirteen years later, Aaron is a baseball player with the Chicago Clubs. He has dated a few women, but has been unable to make a commitment; his all consuming love for Sophie still abides deep in his heart. Sophie is an award winning journalist with the Milwaukee Sentinel and engaged to Bryan, an executive with a manufacturing company.

After Sophie postpones their wedding for the third time, Bryan sits her down and asks why she can’t seem to make this commitment to him. Unable to face her demons and tell Bryan about her past, Sophie breaks off the engagement and flees his condo. Emotionally distraught, Sophie finds herself drawn against her will to the site of the tragedy thirteen years before…her childhood home in LaGrange.

Sophie steps through the overgrown weeds that encircle the charred remains of the family farmhouse, memories flooding her mind. Her attention elsewhere, she steps onto moss-covered rotted boards and falls into the old drywell. Clenching her teeth against the agony of pain in her ankle, Sophie’s eyes widen—she is sharing the damp, mold-ridden circular space with a skeleton.

The discovery of the skeleton sets off a chain of events implicating Aaron in the disappearance and murder of a waitress during his sophomore year at Ohio State University. Refusing to believe he is guilty, Sophie searches for the evidence to clear him, unaware she has stirred up a hornet’s nest. A killer is closing in…

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