Anne Bardsley “Angel Bumps” Book Signing in November

Meet Anne Bardsley and get a signed copy of her amazing book, “Angel Bumps: Hello from Heaven” at CO next month.


Saturday November 03, 2018 2:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Grand Junction
2451 Patterson Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505

About the Author:

Anne Bardsley is a humor and sentimental writer. She has been married 39 years to her wrinkle-maker husband. Her first book was How I Earned My Wrinkles…Musings on Marriage, Motherhood and Menopause. She’s been featured on Erma Bombeck, Better after 50, Purple Clover, Paradise News, Very Funny Women, Island Reporter, Feisty After Fifty, Midlife Menopause, The Grand Magazine and many others. She blogs on her website She lives in St Pete, FL.

About the Book:

Have you experienced an Angel Bump? A sign could come from the sudden appearance of a butterfly, finding a coin or a feather, hearing a memorable song, having a vivid dream, or feeling the presence of a departed loved one. The tender stories in this collection will console anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Each author shares a sign from Heaven that reassured them their loved one is still near in spirit. While people die, love is eternal.
An Angel Bump is like a luminous light in a dark room. Once you receive a sign from your loved one, you will never be the same. Knowing they are still so close will give you solace. The joy it brings is immeasurable.
Some Angel Bumps will make you smile. Others may bring tears to your eyes. One thing is for sure. You will feel loved. After reading Angel Bumps, you might want to keep your eyes open. Be aware. An angel bump can come when you least expect it. Don’t miss your very own, sweet, Angel Bump and a hello from Heaven.

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