Russell D. Hamblin “The Magnificent Mind-Set Man” November Book Signing

Russell D. Hamblin will be signing copies of “The Magnificent Mind-Set Man” at CA next month.


Saturday November 03, 2018 11:00 AM
Barnes & Noble
4001 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93309

About the Author:

Russell D. Hamblin was born in 1957 in Preston, Idaho and grew up in Visalia, California. Mr. Hamblin has Bachelor’s Degree from Oregon State (Geology, 1983) and Master’s Degree from Brigham Young University (Geology 1985). He is a professional scientist and businessman with over 33 years of professional experience in the industry of environmental management and consulting. He has managed thousands of environmental projects throughout the globe and has worked and traveled on five continents. He is a business unit manager, a problem solver, and a motivational speaker. His educational background and overall professional experience has provided him with a unique set of credentials that has enabled him to effectively express and share important insights into the realm of what attitudes, mind-sets, and character traits will actually work towards success and happiness in the real world.

About the Book:

Roger Hunt, an ordinary man working as an environmental geologist, has experienced many failures and a few successes. More than halfway through his life, Roger is surprised and blessed to receive a unique and precious gift and an opportunity to learn the secrets of success.

Ten years prior, while working on a majestic and remote island off the coast of Alaska, Roger meets a mysterious visitor, the billionaire Billy Haynes III. Billy presents a series of his personal memoirs on success and has a magical way of reinforcing those written principles in the form of vivid dreams, thrilling experiences, and majestic symbols, including what Roger calls the Magnificent Mind-Set Man. Along with these teachings an admonition is given to share those secrets with the rest of the world.

Although Roger is edified and determined to use these principles, write about them, and teach them to the world, he fails to do so and continues to live a life of limited happiness and professional mediocrity. But serendipitously, Roger meets Billy again when he is stranded, and he is given a second chance to remember, apply, and reveal the seven transcending mind-sets of success to the rest of the world.

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