Paul Gotel “The Big U” Book Signing in August

Paul Gotel will be signing copies of “The Big U: A Guide to Self Revolution” in HI next month.


Saturday August 11, 2018 12:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Maui Marketplace
270 Dairy Rd.
Kahului, HI 96732

About the Author:

After achieving a very successful career as a producer, DJ & marketing professional in the global Music business before he was thirty, Paul, disillusioned, realized this was not the answer and decided to leave the western world behind.

He travelled to over 75 countries on a 5 year spirt quest, visiting the worlds sacred sites to gather up ancient wisdom through direct experience. He walked amongst ancient cultures, investigated lost mythologies and visited still existing Tibetan monks, Egyptian Bedouins, and Australian Aborigines.

After 18 yrs of deep self work, He relocated to Hawaii to refine all the wisdom he was taught into what he describes as this revolutionary small book with a BIG message”

About the Book:

After a 15 year career in the music business, money, fame and success proved to not be enough.
Disillusioned with western ideals , I hit the wall!
It was time for change I wanted answers!so leaving it all behind I set off to find them.
5 years later, after a worldwide spirit quest had taken me to the most inspirational places on the planet, id drunk up all the ancient wisdom i could find, and taking their unifying ingredients, poured them into this guide book to a new way of being.
Have you ever asked yourself the big questions ?
The really BIG Questions!
Who am I?
Why am I here?
And whats the purpose of it all?
Are you ready for a Self Revolution?
If you are, look within

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