Marie Delp “Patches the Therapy Dog” Book Signing

Marie Delp will be signing the copies of her book “Patches the Therapy Dog” at the following location.


02/13/2016 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Center Valley Pkwy
Center Valley, PA

About the Author:

Marie Delp, author of Patches and his Kitchen Staff and Patches and his Garden Staff, read to Preschool and Kindergarten students today. Parents will have a chance to order these books through school. Mrs. Dougherty will be sending a form home today.


About the Book:

I got inspired for writing Patches the Therapy Dog as I was taking him to visit my mom in a nursing home. Patches was getting depressed while she was not at home with him. So we got clearance by the nursing home so we could take him to come visit her. The reunion was priceless on both parts! Patches would sing so loud and happy; it brought tears of joy rolling down my face watching their bond once again. Patches would run up on her bed and land on the calling button for the nurse! When the nurse comes in she too is happy to see me along with all the patients there.

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