Chris and Nicole Blongiewicz “Frederick the Paramedic” Book Signing

Chris and Nicole Blongiewicz will be signing the copies of “Frederick the Paramedic” at the following location.


02/16/2016 10:30 AM
Barnes & Noble
Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA

About the Author:

The authors are real paramedics! Chris and Nicole have over twenty years of combined experience in Emergency Medical Services. They want to pass on their experiences in a way that children will discover what to expect if they ever find themselves or others in need of Emergency Medical Services. Frederick the Paramedic is designed to engage the reader as Fredericks partner on an ambulance. Together, Frederick and your child will check out the equipment that is stocked in a real ambulance. They will assess a patient, and determine what interventions are appropriate for that particular situation. Once the patient arrives at the hospital, your Junior Paramedic will give a report to the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room, recalling the incident and any interventions they provided.


About the Book:

Have your child partner up with Frederick the Paramedic as he responds to the Skateboard Park to help a hurt skateboarder! Together they will check out their ambulance, respond to the emergency, assess and treat their patient, and transport him to the hospital! Your Junior Paramedic will learn about safety awareness, teamwork, first aid, and what happens in a real life emergencyall while engaged in an exciting story with dynamic illustrations!

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