Dan Killeen “Derrick and the Dinosaurs” Book Signing

Dan Killeen will be signing the copies of “Derrick and the Dinosaurs” at the following location.


01/16/2016 11:00 AM
Barnes & Noble
West County Mall
Des Peres, MO

About the Author:

Dan Killeen is an author/illustrator living in beautiful and humid St Louis. His books display a love of classic comic strips and silly family humor.


About the Book:

Derrick loves dinosaurs. He loves playing with toy dinosaurs, reading dinosaur books, and sleeping in dinosaur bedsheets. One morning at school, he gets suspended for roaring like a dinosaur in class. That same day, REAL dinosaurs come stomping into town to cause trouble! Will Derrick use his dinosaur expertise to help save the day, or will he join the prehistoric beasts on their destructive romp? This humorous story features not-so-scary-looking dinosaurs doing what dinosaurs love to do – stomp around and roar. That is also what little boys, especially Derrick, love to do. RAWR!

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