Graham Elliot “Cooking Like A MasterChef” Book Signing

Graham Elliot, star of “MasterChef”, will be signing the copies of “Cooking Like A MasterChef” at several locations across the country.


10/27/15 7:00 PM
Anderson’s Bookshop
La Grange Road.
La Grange, IL.

11/15/15 1:00 PM
Southeast Court
Mall of America.
Bloomington, MN.

12/1/15 7:30 PM
East Ridgewood Avenue.
Ridgewood, NY.

12/4/15 4:00 PM
Market District
North Illinois Street.
Carmel, IN.

12/5/15 11:00 AM
Market District
Kingsdale Center.
Columbus, OH.

12/5/15 2:00 PM
Market District
West 3rd Street.
Columbus, OH.

12/6/15 11:00 AM
Market District
Pearl Road.
Stringsville, OH.

12/6/15 2:00 PM
Market District
Aurora Road.
Solon, OH.

12/7/15 3:00 PM
Market District
Oxford Drive.
Bethel Park, PA.

12/8/15 5:00 PM
Market District
Settlers Ridge Center Drive.
Pittsburgh, PA.

About the Author:

Graham Elliot is a critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, and television personality who costars with Gordon Ramsay on Fox’s hugely popular MasterChef and MasterChef Junior. He has traveled to all fifty states in search of the best food America has to offer and in 2008, his eponymous Chicago restaurant became one of fifteen restaurants in the United States to hold two Michelin stars. He has been nominated for multiple James Beard awards, as well. Graham, who used to play in a band and is a singer and guitarist in his own right, is the culinary director for Chicago’s Lollapalooza. He lives in Chicago with his family.

Mary Goodbody is an award-winning writer, cookbook editor, consultant, and recipe developer who has worked on more than fifty books with many well-known chefs, cooks, and food celebrities. She is a senior editor for the culinary website and is the editor and content provider for She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.


About the Book:

In the first cookbook from Graham Elliot, cohost of the popular Fox series MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, 100 deliciously creative recipes show home cooks the basics of cooking and combining flavors—and then urge them to break the rules and put their own spin on great meals.

Graham Elliot wants everyone to cook. To push up their sleeves and get some good food on the table. It’s Graham’s simple philosophy that, while there is no right or wrong when it comes to creativity in the kitchen, you will benefit from knowing some time-honored methods that enable you to serve tasty meals to your family day after day, week after week. So, to teach you his methods and infuse some fun into the process, he’s written Cooking Like a Master Chef, an easygoing, accessible guide for the home cook to create delicious, beautiful food for every occasion.

Grouped by season (without being a strictly seasonal cooking book), Graham’s 100 recipes are illustrated with gorgeous, full-color photographs and accompanied by simple, straightforward instructions—with great twists for every palate. That’s because being a top-notch chef or a talented home cook means being a free thinker, spontaneous, like a jazz musician. Cooks need to change the music every so often—once they’re comfortable with the basics—to stay on their toes and infuse their routine with new excitement and energy. Here you’ll find recipes for pork chops with root beer BBQ sauce, halibut BLTs, buffalo chicken with Roquefort cream, corn bisque with red pepper jam and lime crema, smoked salmon with a dill schmear and bagel chips, truffled popcorn, and much more. Kids will love whipped yams with roasted turkey, potato gnocchi with brown butter, PBJ beignets, and classic banana splits.

It’s no wonder so many people love Graham and his energetic creativity in the kitchen. With Cooking Like a Master Chef, now you can learn to be a skilled, resourceful, and endlessly inventive cook who makes food everyone, adults and kids alike, will absolutely relish.

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