Meet the Author: Bili Shelburne “Clemmie”

At the age of twenty-three, Clementine Foster finds herself in a mental hospital with no recollection of how or why she came to be there. Her struggle to regain her memory leads her to navigate the treacherous shoals of her past and to uncover secrets that might best remain hidden away. As the layers of Clemmie’s past are peeled away, her lost loves, friendships and family come to life with each surprising revelation. Once begun, there is no turning back and Clemmie’s awakening accelerates inexorably to its pulse-pounding conclusion.

Bili Morrow Shelburne spent twenty years teaching language arts before leaving the academic world to become a full-time writer. She now resides in Houston, Texas, but returned to her former home on Hilton Head Island for the inspiration for Clemmie. Shelburne is also the author of Blackbirds and Butterflies.

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