Mike Brenhaug – Book signing and launch party “WTF Transform what appears negative into a positive to become Unstoppable!

Book singing and launch party to celebrate the release of Mike Brenhaug’s book “WTF Transform what appears negative into positive to become Unstoppable!”

For additional information or to register for event visit: http://wtfbooklaunch.eventbrite.com/

August 17th @ 6:00 pm

Pepino’s in Foothill Ranch (Orange County) California.

The author, Mike Brenhaug will be signing books. The event will be attended by the Honorable Mayor Herzog of the City of Lake Forest along with other city officials and business leaders within Lake Forest and Orange County.

“From inspirational executive coach to groundbreaking author, Mike Brenhaug provides a clear road map for transforming “what appears negative into a positive” and allows us each to become unstoppable! ”
Marshall Goldsmith -million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers,
MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

About the book
Achieving success in life and business is not a mystery, or something reserved for a select few. There is a science and process to achieving success, and every person who has the desire, commitment and discipline to succeed, will succeed.

The title of this book defines a very real moment that occurs on the entrepreneurial journey that knocks many off their feet. How you respond will determine if it knocks you down for good, or if it gives you the strength to achieve your dreams.

Learn how to transform your most frustrating and challenging moments, that appear negative, into positive, winning outcomes. Learn to turn your fears into confidence. Learn to change confusion into clarity and focus. Become unstoppable!

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