Theresa Gonsalves is signing books in DALLAS, TX

Ms. Gonsalves makes two stops in Dallas on July 30, 2011

Bookmarks in North Park – 8687 N. Central Expressway, Dallas TX, 75225
(214) 671-1381 from 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – THIS EVENT IS GEARED JUST FOR MS. GONSALVES CHILDREN’S BOOK EATING GAVINS WAY. – There will be a reading in Spanish and English!

But for the fun is for everyone especially you and the Michael Jackson fans as she showcases all four of her books at JOKAE’S AFRICAN AMERICAN BOOK STORE – 3223 W. Camp Wisdom, Dallas, TX 75237 (214) 331-8100

This event is from 2 – 4 P.M.

Hope to see you there!!

Meet Author Theresa J. Gonsalves

She was born November 24, 1958, in Boston, MA, the only girl in the middle of four brothers. At the age of five, the city of Roxbury, recognized Ms. Theresa Gonsalves as a little beauty queen and the star she was destined to be when her youthful talent won her the title of Little Ms. Roxbury.

Yet it was a defining moment at the age of twelve that transformed her life. A magical thing happened when a young Michael Jackson looked her in her eyes from the stage of the Boston Gardens and said, “Will you please sit down so I can get on with the show?” She fell back into the seat behind her and the connection had begun. This moment started a barrage of letters to Michael Jackson, who upon reading them recognized the talent in her writing as he read her letters astutely for years before they met. This led to a friendship between Michael and Theresa that spanned over three decades. Michael knew she was destined to write as he told her, “When I read your letters, it was as if you were standing there talking to me. I could visualize what you were writing. I could hear your voice.”

It wasn’t until the age of 45 that Theresa actually pursued her writing career. For thirty years she worked in the accounting industry, even opening her own business which entailed a variety of software training and accounting services. She always loved to teach, to share knowledge of whatever it was she herself learned along the way.
Her first book OBSESSIONS – the shocking true story of the Real Billie Jean in Michael Jackson’s life, introduces us to a riveting relationship Theresa found herself caught up in. It is hypothesized that because of her love for Michael Jackson, she never learned to cultivate a real relationship with men, thus when this one came along, it became obsessive on both parts. She wrote Obsessions putting herself out there in hopes that other women will learn from her mistakes. But it was her first real relationship that sadly led to the words of Michael Jackson’s hit song. After expressing her story to Michael, he told her weeks later he penned a song about her. That song as we know it today, the legendary ….Billie Jean.

The Man in the Woods, her second writing, has won three literary awards and even attention from the Oprah show. This books’ deep subject takes you through the life and mind of a child molester who just happens to be her brother. Ms. Gonsalves is careful to point out that the book does not contain molestation content, but instead a suspense novel as she poses two questions to the readers – 1. Do you feel we are predisposed to becoming who we are? – 2. If you knew someone in your immediate family was committing heinous crimes, would you have the fortitude to turn them in? She references this book by saying…as you look at a Jeffrey Dahmer type documentary you find yourself wondering what happened to him when he was a kid….The Man in the Woods, about her brother, takes you there.

Her most recent work and dearest to her heart is REMEMBER THE TIME, a book titled after one of his songs, in a tribute of love to our beloved Michael Jackson. Letter writing brought them together, so Ms. Gonsalves felt it appropriate to share their story the same way. These letters, written to Michael in his afterlife, take you through their entire relationship where you share in their love, their disappointments in each other but yet a friendship that continued in spite of his fame. In the end you find yourself rooting for what we know can never be, but you also learn about a different side of Michael Jackson that doesn’t seem to be revealed much at all.

All three of these books help you learn about the life of Ms. Gonsalves. As she deals now with what the doctors call a terminal liver disease, she is now taking on new endeavors by furthering her writing career with two upcoming books of fiction and a series of children stories she is co-producing with a friend and colleague in the entertainment world. Keeping Theresa busy is also the possibility of Remember the Time being turned into a stage play or movie. Theresa hopes to also be able to spend time with her two grandchildren in the future. She is mother of two sons, Todd (28) and Mychal (19) and is currently traveling the world, living life!

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3 Comments on Theresa Gonsalves is signing books in DALLAS, TX

  1. Theresa Gonsalves is an INCREDIBLE author! Her books take you on a journey with each turn of the page!! Can’t wait for everyone to meet her in Dallas!!!! 🙂

  2. Have read all of Theresa Gonsalves books and they are simply wonderful….well written and interesting to keep on reading…Highly recommend this author to all.

  3. I LOVE Theresa’s writing — her ability to convey real life drama and joy come through on every page, whether it’s her book for kids (Eating Gavin’s Way) or her book about her lifetime friend, Michael Jackson. Her book signings are always fun and a way to hear the author talk about her books, the inspiration for them, and what YOU can enjoy from getting her books. I encourage everyone to attend!

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