Man Martin, Book Signing Tour “Paradise Dogs”

Author Man Martin will be touring the Southeast in July, signing copies of his second novel, “Paradise Dogs.”

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Born in Florida and raised in central Georgia, Man Martin is an author with an authentic voice of the South. His first novel, “Days of the Endless Corvette,” earned him the 2008 Georgia Author of the Year Award. An English teacher, debate coach and novelist, Martin also wrote and drew a comic strip titled “Sibling Revelry” for seven years for the Universal Press Syndicate. “Paradise Dogs” was released by Thomas Dunne Books on June 7, 2011.

July 2011 Book Signing Dates

July 1: Books, Inc, Gainesville, Florida, 7:00 PM
July 6: Barnes and Noble, Colonial Plaza, Orlando Florida, 7:00 PM
July 7: Inkwood Books, Tampa, Florida, 7:00 PM
July 12: Page and Palette Books, Fairhope, AL 5:00 PM
July 14: Southwest Branch Library, Pensacola, Florida, 2:00 PM
July 15: Pages Books, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, 5:30 PM

From the Publisher
Adam Newman once had it all. But then he lost it.
Now Adam yearns to reunite with his estranged wife, Evelyn, and recapture the Edenic life they once had running Paradise Dogs, the roadside hot-dog restaurant now legendary throughout central Florida.

He has a few obstacles along the way. For starters, there’s his impending marriage to Lily. There’s also the matter of a quarter million dollars’ worth of diamonds that he mislaid, along with what appears to be a shadowy conspiracy that is buying up land around the Cross-Florida Canal (and which may or may not be a product of Adam’s alcohol-infused imagination).

Despite his own troubles—-and a brief stay in Chattahoochee—-Adam looks to mentor his son, Addison, in the ways of love. Awkward, unsure, and employed as the world’s least accurate obituary writer, Addison pines for a beautiful and painfully earnest linguistic student but must compete for her attention with his older and more sophisticated half brother from Evelyn’s first marriage.

But if anybody can set these worlds in order, it is Adam, who has an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time and allowing others to believe he’s someone he’s not. Whether it’s delivering a baby, rescuing a marriage, or exposing a Communist conspiracy, our protagonist is up for the job. Paradise Dogs, from Georgia Author of the Year Award winner Man Martin, is a farcical tale of paradise lost, the American Dream, and the true measures of love.

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