Josh Ritter, Book Signing “Bright’s Passage”

Singer/songwriter Josh Ritter has written his first novel Bright’s Passageand he’ll be on the East and West coasts signing copies.

Ritter is the guitarist and lead vocalist for The Royal City Band. Though he hails from the state of Idaho, Ritter’s music first caught major attention in Ireland. He’s played both Oxegen Festival and at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin, with his third album, “Hello Starling,” having debuted at #2 on the Irish charts. Read his full discography after the jump. “Bright’s Passage” is Ritter’s debut novel and it will be in bookstores everywhere on June 28, 2011.

Book Signing Dates

6/28/11 12:30 PM
Barnes & Noble
Union Square
New York, NY.

7/13/11 7:00 PM
Book Passage
Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA. 

From the Publisher
Henry Bright is newly returned to West Virginia from the battlefields of the First World War. Grief struck by the death of his young wife and unsure of how to care for the infant son she left behind, Bright is soon confronted by the destruction of the only home he’s ever known. His only hope for safety is the angel who has followed him to Appalachia from the trenches of France and who now promises to protect him and his son.

Together, Bright and his newborn, along with a cantankerous goat and the angel guiding them, make their way through a landscape ravaged by forest fire toward an uncertain salvation, haunted by the abiding nightmare of his experiences in the war and shadowed by his dead wife’s father, the Colonel, and his two brutal sons.

At times harrowing, at times funny, and always possessed by the sheer gorgeousness and unique imagination that have made Josh Ritter’s songs beloved to so many, this is the debut of a virtuoso fiction writer.

* Josh Ritter (1999)
* Golden Age of Radio (2000, re-released 2002, Deluxe Edition 2009)
* Hello Starling (2003, re-released 2005, Deluxe Edition 2010)
* The Animal Years (2006, Deluxe Edition 2011)
* The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (2007)
* So Runs the World Away (2010 CD and Vinyl Release)

Live Albums
* In the Dark – Live at Vicar Street – Live Album/DVD (2006 in Ireland, 2008 in U.S.)
* Live at the 9:30 Club (2008)
* Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band, Live at The Iveagh Gardens (April 2011)

* Me & Jiggs EP (2002 in Ireland only)
* Come & Find Me EP (2002)
* 4 Songs Live EP (2005)
* Good Man EP (2006 in Ireland only)
* Girl in the War EP (2006 on iTunes and in UK)
* Live at The Record Exchange EP (2007)
* To the Yet Unknowing World (2011)

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