Cheryl Burke, Book Signing Tour “Dancing Lessons”

Two-time champion of ABC’s American version of Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burke, will be signing copies of her new memoir, Dancing Lessons.

From Atherton, California, Burke began taking ballet lessons at the age of four and later shifted to ballroom dance and trained in both standard ballroom and Latin dances, already competing by the age of thirteen.

Her first Dancing with the Stars championship win was with Drew Lachey on Season 2, and her second with Emmitt Smit on Season 3. She has competed on all subsequent seasons excepting Season 9 when she and partner Tom DeLay were forced to withdraw from the competition due to DeLay’s injuries.

Dancing Lessons just hit bookshelves February 8, 2011. You can get your copy today on

Signing Engagements
2/18/11 7:00 PM – Barnes & Noble – Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
2/20/11 2:00 PM – Barnes & Noble – Bay Street. Emeryville, CA.
2/22/11 7:00 PM – Book Soup – Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.

About the book

The inside story of the life of Cheryl Burke, professional dancer, choreographer, and two-time champion on the top-rated TV hit series Dancing with the Stars

Cheryl Burke has been dancing since the age of four and competing since she was thirteen years old. Over several exciting seasons, she has captivated audiences of Dancing with the Stars with her incredible dance performances, Emmy-nominated choreography, high energy, and bright smile. In Dancing Lessons, she takes you from her childhood years into the world of competitive ballroom dancing and on to Dancing with the Stars.

In each chapter, you will discover a depth of passion in Cheryl’s life that perfectly matches the commitment she displays on the dance floor. Cheryl’s accounts of being a powerful woman putting her talent to work will inspire everyone to pursue their own dreams.

* Includes behind-the-scenes stories and photos from the life of the first two-time champion of Dancing with the Stars
* Shares lessons Cheryl has learned from each of her celebrity partners on Dancing with the Stars, from Drew Lachey to Chad Ochocinco
* Includes never-before-discussed revelations concerning Cheryl’s childhood, weight issues, and the media

Read Dancing Lessons and let Cheryl Burke whisk you away to a world full of dancing, entertainment, and life.

From the Inside Flap

“All of my fears and insecurities, the adrenaline rushing through my body, the perspiration on the palms of my hands—it all came to a boil. Then the music started, and like so many times before, the nerves vanished. The minute and thirty seconds I had to dance . . . was magic.”

On February 26, 2006, professional dancer Cheryl Burke and pop singer Drew Lachey were declared the winners of Dancing with the Stars on Cheryl’s first season with the show. As the media parade began, it was a unique moment of validation and transformation for Cheryl that marked the start of an exhilarating new stage in her life and her career. How did this once shy girl, a girl who loved to dance but gave up ballet because she didn’t have a “ballet body,” overcome numerous insecurities to realize her dream of a successful dance career and become a champion—twice—on one of the most popular shows on television?

In Dancing Lessons, Cheryl Burke invites you into her life to experience her remarkable journey, from her first dance steps to ballroom dancing competitions around the world to Dancing with the Stars. Cheryl shares the glamour and excitement of the ballroom dancing world as well as the grit and hard work it demands of competitors.

Leading you into the rehearsal studios and backstage at Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl tells surprising stories about her celebrity partners and what she has learned from each of them. You’ll find out how she and Drew Lachey came up with the sexy moves of their winning freestyle dance routine and how Tom DeLay really felt about wearing rhinestones, as well as what Emmitt Smith taught her about respect and which Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl came close to dating.

Speaking candidly about her long struggle to transform self-doubt into self-confidence, Cheryl opens up in this book about her body issues and her difficulties in dealing with the media spotlight on her weight. She also tells the truth about the press’s attempts to portray her as a party girl. At every stage, her family played an important role in keeping her focused on her future even while they sometimes disagreed about whether that future would include making a living from dance.

As irresistible as the tango and as uplifting as the jive, Dancing Lessons is an engaging story of courage, passion, and persistence. Read it and let Cheryl inspire you to give yourself permission to dance, as she tells her students, and pursue your own dreams, one step at a time.

Source: Amazon’s page for Cheryl Burke’s “Dancing Lessons”

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