Qing Zhuang “Rainbow Shopping” Book Discussion

Join Qing Zhuang to discuss “Rainbow Shopping.”


5/4/2024 at 3:00pm
81-63 Lefferts Blvd
Queens, NY 11415

About the Author:

Qing Zhuang has always wanted to be an artist of one kind or another. Born in Fuzhou City, China, Qing moved to New York City when she was seven years old. Like many immigrants and children of immigrants, Qing tried very hard to fit in and embody both cultures. However, the world of books and art is where Qing totally and naturally feels like herself. She is the illustrator of How Long Is Forever?, which Kirkus Reviews called “warm and expressive.” Rainbow Shopping is Qing’s debut as author-illustrator. On most days, when not drawing, you will find Qing getting messy making art with children as an elementary school art teacher and enjoying all the new children’s books in the library. She lives with her wonderful husband in Queens, New York.

About the Book:

Sharing a delicious meal helps a child feel loved in this heartfelt tribute to Chinatown and spending days-off together.

On a rainy Saturday, a young girl feels as gray as a pigeon. Since moving from China to New York City, Mom, Dad, and Grandma have been very busy working. But a trip to Mom’s favorite Chinatown store to find the best produce, seafood, and spices for dinner just might turn the girl’s day around.

Later on, Dad steams, boils, fries, and stir-fries all the ingredients while girl and Grandma taste-test. After cozy goodnights, a final dream spread shows the family walking hand-in-hand in rainbow colors–an affirmation of love and support even on rainy, gray days.

Inspired by Qing Zhuang’s experience as a first generation Chinese American, Rainbow Shopping explores a young child’s feelings of loneliness and discovery with tenderness and humor. Qing uses watercolor, colored pencil, and crayon to beautifully recreate NYC’s Chinatown neighborhood. Filled with warmth and details of city life, this story about a working-class family is one readers can return to again and again.

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