Linda Crotta Brennan “The Selkie’s Daughter” Book Discussion

Join Linda Crotta Brennan to discuss “The Selkie’s Daughter.”


2/23/2024 at 3:00pm
PLAINVILLE, MA 02762-2043

About the Author:

Linda Crotta Brennan is the award-winning author of over twenty books for young readers, including her middle grade fantasy, The Selkie’s Daughter, a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Title.

Her nonfiction has also won renown. When Rivers Burned: The Earth Day Story, was a Children’s Book Council Notable Social Studies Trade Book and Outstanding Science Trade Book of the Year. The Black Regiment of the American Revolution was selected for Georgia’s core curriculum.

Linda holds a master’s degree in early childhood education and has worked as a library assistant, teacher, and an instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature. Linda is an active member of SCBWI. The Selkie’s Daughter is her debut novel.

Sadly, Willow, the inspiration for Tolly’s character in The Selke’s Daughter, has passed away. But Linda is sure Tolly would enjoy romping with her new rescue pup, Tansy. Linda, her husband, and Tansy live in Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

About the Book:

A cozy, richly imagined fantasy where a young selkie girl must save her family from a vengeful king.

Brigit knows all the old fisherman songs and legends by heart: sea goddess, warriors, and people who are not quite human. But Brigit also knows the truth. It’s evident in the webbing between her fingers–webbing that must be cut. She’s the daughter of a selkie. A truth she must keep secret from everyone.

But there is another secret growing in the village. A terrible one that will invite the wrath of the Great Selkie, bringing storm, sickness, and death. To protect those she loves, Brigit must find a way to Sule Skerrie, the land of selkies, to confront the Great Selkie and bring the truth—all of it—into the light.

Like sitting by a warm fireplace, The Selkie’s Daughter is an imaginative fantasy, steeped in Celtic mythology and set in Nova Scotia. Debut Linda Crotta Brennan has crafted a magical portrait of a brave girl coming into her own. Perfect for fans of mermaids and Studio Ghibli-esque stories.

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