Jacky Fischer “The Growth Paradox” Book Discussion

Join Jacky Fischer to discuss “The Growth Paradox.”


1/16/2024 at 6:30 PM
2421 Bissonnet Street
Houston, TX 77005

About the Author:

Jacky Fischer grew up working in a multitude of crazy family businesses. She is quite sure her parents broke every child labor law.

She received her undergrad from the school of hard knocks and her MBA from Rice University. In 2003, she bought her parent’s moving business and grew it from $3 million in annual revenue to over $40 million.

Jacky just finished her first book, The Growth Paradox, which highlights her industry-disrupting, signature management method aimed at helping small business owners avoid the pitfalls that are most destructive to a company’s growth. As an expert on what it takes to build a multimillion-dollar brand, Jacky loves helping entrepreneurs skyrocket their businesses through proven & unique growth processes.

When she is not leaping buildings in a single bound, she is running the most innovative moving company, 3 Men Movers, and has started a nonprofit to help others climb out of poverty.

About the Book:

Award-winning CEO Jacky Fischer presents her signature management method to help small businesses scale up by avoiding the most common and destructive pitfalls.

If you hold on too tightly as a leader—to your people, to everyday decision-making, to the past—you will cut off vital oxygen necessary for growth. The solution: Stop being a control freak and instead empower your employees, get out of your own way, and establish a clear vision for the future. In other words: Let go to help your business grow.

Embrace the growth paradox to get unstuck and grow your company to the next level. By leaning into some key, counterintuitive business ideas, you’ll make space for changes that will lead to nonlinear growth.

In this uniquely insightful guide, you’ll learn why:

  • Holding people accountable doesn’t work
  • Helping employees often hurts performance
  • Giving up power and control can increase growth
  • Focusing on money can reduce profits
  • Introducing big ideas can derail your progress

What’s more, Fisher shares lessons she learned from growing a small family business into an organization with annual revenue topping $40 million—as well as practical tools for taking stock of where you are and charting an actionable plan so that you can create hypergrowth in your business.

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