Eli Cranor “Ozark Dogs” Book Discussion [Updated Oct 8th]

Join Eli Cranor to discuss “Ozark Dogs.”


701 N 4th St
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

About the Author:

“Eli Cranor” is the pen name (fake name) of Dash Storey. When Books Make Brainz Taste Bad was first published, the marketing team thought the name “Dash” sounded too young. So, if some bald dude named “Eli Cranor” shows up at your school, claiming he wrote BMBTB, don’t believe a word he says!

About the Book:

In this Southern thriller inspired by a chilling true story, two families grapple with the aftermath of a murder in their small Arkansas town.

After his son is convicted of capital murder, Vietnam War veteran Jeremiah Fitzjurls takes over the care of his granddaughter, Joanna, raising her with as much warmth as can be found in an Ozark junkyard outfitted to be an armory. He teaches her how to shoot and fight, but there is not enough training in the world to protect her when the dreaded Ledfords, notorious meth dealers and fanatical white supremacists, come to collect on Joanna as payment for a long-overdue blood debt.

Headed by rancorous patriarch Bunn and smooth-talking, erudite Evail, the Ledfords have never forgotten what the Fitzjurls family did to them, and they will not be satisfied until they have taken an eye for an eye. As they seek revenge, and as Jeremiah desperately searches for his granddaughter, their narratives collide in this immersive story about family and how far some will go to honor, defend—or in some cases, destroy it.

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