Diana Rodriguez Wallach “Hatchet Girls” Author Event

Join Diana Rodriguez Wallach to discuss “Hatchet Girls.”


10/11/2023 at 6:00pm
2600 N 5TH ST

About the Author:

Diana Rodriguez Wallach has never been cursed by a supernatural forest, but she has hiked through one. She is a lover of ghosts, historical murders, and all things spooky. She is also the author of eight YA novels, including her previous YA horror Small Town Monsters. Additionally, Diana spent four years living in Massachusetts as an undergrad at Boston University, where she gained an appreciation for New England’s accent and its many haunted stories. She currently lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and two children.

About the Book:

Set more than one hundred years after the Borden murders, this propulsive, supernatural thriller imagines what might happen if history were to repeat itself today. Perfect for fans of Kara Thomas and Courtney Summers!

When Mariella Morse accuses her boyfriend, Vik Gomez, of murdering her wealthy parents with an axe, the town is quick to believe her. It doesn’t help that Vik is caught standing over her parents’ bodies with blood on his hands, unable to remember anything about the night in question.

But Vik’s sister, Tessa, knows that Vik would never be capable of such a gruesome crime. Haunted by the mistakes she made that led her family to move to Fall River, MA in the first place, she sets out to prove her brother’s innocence.

Tessa’s search for answers will lead her into a sprawling, notoriously cursed forest, where she and Mariella must face a darkness that has lurked within their town since before the days of Lizzie Borden—the original axe murderess of Fall River.

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