Sevan Minaskanian “Winter Time” Live Event Book Signing

Join in an in-person book signing event with Sevan Minaskanian to discuss “Winter Time.”


Saturday July, 1st, 2023 2pm
Barnes & Noble
The Grove
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036

About the Author:

Sevan Minaskanian is an author of YA romance novels who deeply loves life and people. Be authentic, live with an open heart, and follow your dreams at any age is her motto and also a powerful message in her books.A proud Armenian-American, Sevan got her gift of writing from her father, whom she deeply admired for his wisdom and knowledge of information that went beyond computers. Her mother, with her quick and creative solutions whenever life threw in a challenge, taught her how to keep her cool by turning difficult situations into life stories. In her books and in her own life, love is the driving force. Sevan believes that love is all around us and, if we open our eyes and hearts, it will reward us. Family and God are a very important part of Sevan’s life. Other than writing, she is passionate about movies, interior design, and planning parties. She also collects Faberge Eggs and anything related to Elvis Presley. Sevan lives in California with her husband and two children. Follow her on Instagram @sevantime. 

About the Book:

Victoria Evans is the kind of teenager who never gets grounded, yet she hides secrets she can’t share with anybody. That’s until she meets handsome William Winter.

Sixteen-year-old Victoria Evans enjoys parties and a posh lifestyle while silently endures the verbal and emotional abuse of the bullies at St. Paul’s private school in Magnolia Springs, California. She finds solace in daydreaming about happy romance, love for forests, black-and-white movies, and her family. Victoria feels helpless by the time she convinces her friends to go together on a winter forest trip and also a little annoyed with the unexpected guest joining them, William Winter from England.

But as the trip progresses and the teenagers enjoy their luxury vacation rental and having fun in the snow, Victoria finds out that William and she have more in common than she expected, including the love for forests. Is William Winter the answer to her romantic dreams and her way out of her secret life?

Winter Time is the first book in the contemporary YA romance series Winter Saga, which features heartfelt storytelling, surprising plot twists, humor, intriguing characters, and super-duper female protagonist. The novel will capture your heart, thoughts, and emotions. It’s simply the perfect book to curl up with on a winter’s chilly night.

Book Reviews:

Jennifer Milne – If you’re a fan of old-fashioned love stories reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood, you’ll enjoy Winter Time. The story is soft and melodic, with an ebb and flow that is both relaxing and draws you in. There are some real stakes on this journey, and you will root for William and Victoria. 

Laurie Steinfeld: Winter time was engaging, brought me right in. I wanted to know what happened next. The descriptions of places they went made me feel like I was there, or I would totally recognize it if I ever did go there. 

I wanted justice for Victoria! 
The love story was pure and lovely. 
Made me think of my man! 
Loved it. Can’t wait for the next story of Victoria and William! 

Serge Yeterian: I recently finished reading “Winter Time” and I was completely captivated by this romance novel from the very beginning. The author does a fantastic job of immersing the reader in the world of the story and creating relatable characters. The plot is incredibly engaging, which made it difficult for me to put the book down. I found myself completely invested in the romance between the main characters and rooting for them every step of the way. If you’re a fan of romance novels, I highly recommend giving “Winter Time” a read. It’s a beautiful love story that is sure to touch your heart. 

Any other information relevant to your event: all guests who purchase a book will receive a complimentary WINTER TIME drawstring backpack, WINTER TIME pen, and bookmark. Prize drawing will take place for chance to win custom WINTER TIME box and signed book with pen, bookmark, and drawstring backpack.

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