Valentin Sandaire “From Nothing To Prominence” Book Release

Join for the “From Nothing To Prominence” book launch & celebration for Pastor/ Author Valentin Sandaire.


Sun, January 16, 2022 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST
First Haitian Evangelical Church of Queens
218-85 Hempstead Avenue
Queens, NY 11429
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About the Author:

Valentin Sandaire is a Christain writer. He is the senior pastor of First Haitian Evangelical Church of Queens, a native of Haiti and Co-founder of Temple of Refuge in Brooklyn, NY.

About the Book:

In our life, we face many obstacles that often stunt or slow our progression. It is up to us as individuals to tap into our inner being to search for our purpose in life. Valentin Sandaire came up with this masterpiece of a biography From Nothing to Prominence that aims to motivate people from the example of Evangelist Teylor’s life. He explains incidents from Evangelist Teylor’s life from childhood to his time of ministry. It tells us how God can pick an unqualified person and use him for His glory. Valentin highlights Teylor’s life in eleven chapters and concludes his life and death history in these folded pages. Get your hand on this epic book today!

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