Gilbert Pritchard “MIRACLES IN VIETNAM 1968” Book Signing in March

Gilbert Pritchard will be signing copies of “MIRACLES IN VIETNAM 1968” in CA next month.


Saturday March 02, 2019 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
1260 Churn Creek Rd.
Redding, CA 96003

About the Author:

Gilbert Pritchard is the author of “MIRACLES IN VIETNAM 1968”.

About the Book:

“We, the Vietnam Combat Veterans, fought with courage, bravery, and sacrifice,” writes author Gilbert Pritchard. “Heroism was an everyday occurrence. Fear was at my back, but faith was in front of me.”

Seventeen years ago, Gil was called by a prophet of the Lord to write a book about his experience in the Vietnam War. With forty-two years of memories, he has fulfilled his calling to declare the glorious work of God, which shined as a light in the darkest of places.

What follows are the stories of one marine from India Company, 3rd Battalion, 27th Marines. While deployed as an infantry soldier, Gil experienced God’s supernatural protection and direction time and time again during countless near-death experiences. Follow Gil along a miraculous mission for survival through bombs, bullets, grenades, traps, Viet Cong, NVA, rockets, napalm, and sudden ambushes, and watch as the mission for survival was transformed into a mission of faith.

Gilbert Pritchard is a Vietnam War veteran and a retired schoolteacher. He and his wife, Sharon, reside in Northern California.

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